Fort Reiley Released

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Oklahoma Author, Jerry Hanel, has released his latest novel, Fort Reiley.

Fort Reiley is a fictional town set in western Oklahoma and chronicles the life of a tabloid reporter named Harrison Kass who encounters the town’s illusive secrets.

“Fort Reiley is a representation of my own home town of Carney, OK,” says Jerry. “While all of the characters are from my imagination, some of them are based on people I knew while growing up.”

The author grew up in a small farming community, and remembers it fondly. “There were only six hundred people in the surrounding community. Everyone knew everyone else, and there was little you could do to keep a secret. It seems that no matter how hard you tried, secrets were the town’s business.”

In his new novel, Jerry explores this idea of keeping secrets in such a small community, but puts his own paranormal spin on it. Once the secrets come out, the main character has to run for his life or become a zombie-like creature at the bidding of Adam Moor, the town patriarch.

“There was no ‘town patriarch’ in Carney. I hope no one thinks that all small towns are zombie mills,” Jerry said with a laugh. “Other than some basic similarities, most everything is simply from my dark, twisted brain.”

Fort Reiley is currently available on Amazon, and can be purchased as a paperback or as an ebook. You can find both at

For more information about Fort Reiley go to the author’s website (

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Jerry Hanel lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and is available for phone interviews and on-site appearances. Call Jerry for scheduling at (918) 851-3050.

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